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Broadband Problems (Virgin UK)
00:06:39 Jun 29th 08 - Mr. Newcastle United:

Ok, so basically the problem is, I get an intermittent connection. In the simplest terms I can think of, for every 1 one consecutive minute of connectivity, I'll have about 3 - 5 minutes of no connectivity., sometimes it will be just a few seconds of connectivity that allows me to load a website after continuous refreshing. This makes things such as browsing the web near impossible. Doing something as simple as using Google Maps to check the distance between two locations can take anything up to half an hour, some times longer. Playing online games, well, I'm not even going to get into that.

Strangely enough... VU usually works, even if I can't connect to any other website.. I wonder if that's because Zeta hasn't used a clunky image intensive website.

I'm on their top package, We joined about a month and a half ago. We have cable in my city, so we're on the Virgin owned Cable, instead of BT's copper cables, allowing us the nice speeds of "20 mbit" which actually is more like 15.. but still, much more enjoyed than the 0.5 - 2mbit connections on BT's up to 8mbit package.

We've phoned them up on their costly customer support line about 6 times now, we've had an engineer come round our house and tell us there is no problem what so ever, even though when testing it, it stopped working and he just ignored it, putting the blame on him not restarting the router to allow for the change of connection...... *cough* BS *cough*.

We have a brand new Netgear router which they supplied, which we swapped round for our old Trust router, (first router we ever bought and works perfectly, never had a problem with it when we were with BT so we thought we'd try that instead of the new netgear router), we've had the Virgin cable modem replaced once and still, it's crap.

Has anyone else had an awesome experience with Virgin? Any words of wisdom? Anything... I'm desperate, because we can't afford to pay to go back on BT because they use different cables... (love those 18 month contracts). I'm 99.99% sure the problem is on their end, but hey.. what do I know, I'm just a customer..

P.S. Sorry for the 10k word essay :P

00:51:56 Jun 29th 08 - Duke Elmo The Opmonkey:

BT suckprz too, except on a ratio of 1min of activity to 1 min of inactivity.

00:53:50 Jun 29th 08 - Mr. Newcastle United:

Actually, when I was with BT they were completely fine. I had perfect connection 24/7, the only problem was the down and up load speeds. My mum got rid of Sky, so I wanted to torrent everything else instead. 1mbit connection is not the way to go about doing that :P

20:26:00 Jun 29th 08 - Sir Engel Van Dood:

wow that sucks i would be so pissed if i was paying the top price for their best service and was getting screwed like that.

sp@m them with complaint emails Eventually they are gonna reply :)
Also i would call the company who sent that Engineer and tell them about him ignoring that and ask thats a possible cuplrit to why your having trouble or not.

21:35:37 Jun 29th 08 - Mr. Blood Spill:

thats illegal so jus threaten to sue or sumtin lol

23:14:41 Jun 29th 08 - Mr. Bezza:

you said costly but forgot rude, the guy muttered to someone else "we got a right wanker here" when my dad phoned up >.< we had a similar problem when we first got virgin well, telewest back then and they didnt suck. we phoned them up they came round and sorted the problem even though it costed him getting his hands dirty (litteraly he found out the problem was a green box down the road that we are connected too was full of mud, he cleared it out with his own bare hands and every now and then they sent vans to make sure it didnt happen again, ever since virgin took over its been crap, no vans, (problem comes back now and then) and my net speed seems slower (could be just me).

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