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05:17:29 Oct 2nd 08 - Duke Salamon:

anyone have any? im looking into buying a LG Phone. Id like to go ATT, because i can talk to anyone in my family for free since they have ATT, but i want to know whats good and bad about each phone. Im also considering verizon wireless, espically the Voyager. I think its awesome. Does anyone have it? :P O one more thing, does anyone know the pricing w/ plans on ATT iphones? would be appriciated if yall were to give your opinions and helpful research on it thanks.

05:34:31 Oct 2nd 08 - Lord Charley Deallus:

My brother has the Voyager...I had an LG then got a clue about AT& brother loves his Voyager as far as I know...

06:10:28 Oct 2nd 08 - Duke Salamon:

LG Voyager vs LG Vu vs Iphone?

key things, Im into browsing :P and id like to be able to play vu while using any of these :P im not sure about texting, but id atleast like the option of having it. im not sure if itll be a big deal :P but id like the option. Feel is important, which ones better? and last but not least, Connectivity. How good is the internet connection and where can i get it. Will there be places where im not gonna get signal?

For vu, you have to pay for the internet and tv options , 15 a piece. and with att.

For voyager, its 5 dollars for verizons web browsing i think. with verizon wireless.

ive not researched i phone, anyone have one?

06:18:17 Oct 2nd 08 - Mr. Opportunity:

My mom has 1 and i got bored after a few minutes on it because it has no built in games and you cannot play any on the internet really. I tried VU and it seems impossible on an iphone... and you can't record video, only pics

06:20:19 Oct 2nd 08 - Sir Faust:

i rocked an itouch for a month *never would have purchased, but my bro did and i bailed him out by buying it from him so he could get something else*...pissed me off ... vu didn't load totally on it...very tough to use with this game.

the 3g teknology is pretty nice though.

06:50:04 Oct 2nd 08 - Mr. Doctor Strange:

   I have a sony ericsson phone, it gets great reception, I like the features, and the phone color and design is pretty cool, would definitely recommend looking into sony ericcsons.  I'm not sure how sony would satisfy your internet desire... I've honestly never been that into that, I've always been within decent proximity to an actual computer...

07:59:14 Oct 2nd 08 - Duke Salamon:

eh is there a difference between those two? itouch and iphone :P
keep the suggestions going :)

10:24:55 Oct 2nd 08 - Dark Lord Osiris:

i have an LG Viewty and it kicks ass ;)

13:51:46 Oct 2nd 08 - Duke Salamon:

LG Glyde looks good, its a slider w/ touch screen

13:59:44 Oct 2nd 08 - Duke Salamon:

03:57:55 Oct 3rd 08 - Mr. Kegstand Mcfarland II:

In general Razors are junk if your an actual active person. I have gone through 2 so far in a year. they don't like being in yer pocket when yer hiking or working etc.

I guess if yer not gonna have it clanking around in yer pocket etc it will prolly work fine, just don't ever...ever drop it.

07:39:41 Oct 6th 08 - Mr. Opportunity:

itouch is the new ipod (not a phone), but it has virtually the same internet functions as an iphone besides how it conects (itouch via wireless and iphone via phone network.

02:25:33 Oct 9th 08 - Praetorian Wyzer:


The first thing you have to ask yourself is;

Does X carrier cover the areas that I live/work in?

You could have the "Best" phone, but if you can't get coverage, then what is the point?

Ask people who you know, about the carrier they use, and I am talking about people who live in your area.  Just keep in mind, if they have an "old" phone, over 1 year old, they could have  bad coverage due to the phone, and not the carrier.

Next, go to the carriers stores, the actual carrier, not an "authorized seller", and speak to a salesperson.  I know Verizon had a "15-day trial" period, were if you don't like the phone and/or service you can return everything and just pay for minutes.  This is a great option, so you can change the phone if its the problem, or change the carrier if they are the problem.  Make sure you take some prices from the carriers site, they will with enough pressure, match, or beat those prices.

Keep in mind that T-Mobil has a new "Google" phone, so you might look into that carrier if they have good coverage in your area.

U.S Cellular and Altel are also doing very well, and cover much larger areas than they used too.

P.S.  All I use are LG phones, on the Verizon network, and its what I issue for my employees as well.

03:24:30 Oct 9th 08 - Mr. Brainiac:

I have a voyager, I love it!

Internet connection is great, but vu is a no. You can make videos which I absolutly luv.


Go voyager best dam phone ya can get. My only problem with it is the protecter makes it all clunk, and when your try talking with it it's not "comfy".


Also I love the keyboard on it, makes sending txt a lot easier!!!!

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