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Permitted use of bugs
19:20:11 Sep 28th 09 - Mr. Leonidas:

Thank you for listing out the bugs that are allowed to be used as they are well documented and well known by the entire VU community. 

19:53:55 Sep 28th 09 - Duchess Medusa:

Admin said:

"We are currently working on fixing these bugs. You will not be deleted for using the listed bugs for your advantage. But I am not encouraging you to do it."

Now its up to you if you will be honorable or will you use the known bugs.

19:55:36 Sep 28th 09 - Sir Pools Closed:


use known bugs ofc

too bad only like 2 of them can really benefit you.

20:15:45 Sep 28th 09 - Mr. Elit:

Look like my post made people to start talk about it. I have played many other on line games and in all them use bugs is forbidden. You cant expect game to go well and up his members when you face new people with so rude talk and action.
In forum you can find info about build/attack/sci but noting about this problem. Part from this community think old bugs are "strategy" and its normal for use. This put new people in unfair position if they follow game rules. Giving them lesson "start use bug n00bs" only kill game. If you really think game will be better if this is not consider for bug just made topic and discussion. Lets all know its acceptable and learn how to use it for his advantage. Just put it on right way.

21:01:32 Sep 28th 09 - Sir Santa:

Usefull bugs:
- You can make the market price go up if you are alone on the market and sell several times, increasing the price every time.
Not gonna happen, the chances of you finding the market empty are very, very low.
An army can hide under another army.
Takes skill and experience to do it so, that the second army is invisible. Can easily be considered a tactic, instead of a bug.
If the army path is set before the gates are closed or a great wall is built, the army will move over the gates or the great wall.
Doesn't matter much as most blockers are, though sometimes barely, passable. If not passable, keep gates closed at all times.

That sums up all abusable bugs from the list.....

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