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18:28:45 May 16th 09 - Sir Santa:

So I was just checking some histories etc and suddenly I saw this:

Sir Lillen
Lived in Era 10 and got 2 heirs (Erodash, Soccerfool).

After the death of the heroic Sir Lillen in era 10 his only child Erodash is going to revenge his fathers death and restore the pride and honour of the family.

2 heirs? How can you get 2 heirs? :S

18:42:25 May 16th 09 - Prince Validus Septim III:

When mommy and daddy loves eachother very much...twice...

20:40:50 May 16th 09 - Mr. Bran:

stop stalking soc :/

21:09:27 May 16th 09 - Sir Santa:

I will when he stops being among my enemies!

And now an answer please..?

12:27:34 May 17th 09 - Mr. Shmehss:

Mr. Rampagingbunny
Lived in Era 14 and got 3 heirs (Carrot Fever, Carrot Fever, Carrot Fever).

Out of nowhere came the Rampaging Horde, lead by a fearsome creature that resembled some kind of bunny. Their leaders name was "Rampaging-Bunny".

He had white eyes and no sign of a pupil inside then, his gaze was empty as if he lost his sanity. his skin was glowing an eerie kind of fluorescent green and was unnaturally tough, as if it was enchanted with some sort of dark magic.

He was the last of the "Were-Rabbits" and was send into this world by the clan-elders through a magic portal. His only task is to destroy this world and create a habitat for his race. And so the story of Rampaging-Bunny begins.

After setting up his basetown, he send out scouts to look for potential allies in the near vicinity of his town. After many days only a few scouts returned, most of them had been mutulated and close to their deaths.

What kind of world was this, Rampaging-Bunny thought, most of my scouts have died or are about to die and the only news I get out of them is that there are enemies everywhere. Suddenly another scout arrived, unharmed and exceptionally cheerfull. He had found an ally, he had found "The Medieval Dogs Of War".

After joining up with them, it was time to prepare for battle, to secure his territory, to secure the survival of his brethren, to secure the survival of his newfound allies. The time has come upon him to let his destiny meet his fate.


3 heirs :P

21:35:13 May 17th 09 - Duke Pikachu:

if you die more than once in the next era?

00:42:08 May 18th 09 - Mr. Seloc:

Cant be because the people who die have heirs which you become.

So you become the son of yourself, rather than your sibbling. Which means still 1 heir.

19:17:24 May 18th 09 - Sir Santa:

Exactly so how do they do it? :P

20:15:37 May 18th 09 - Mr. Mcmax:

Hmmmmm, the same way as snails :eeeeekkkk:

20:29:58 May 18th 09 - Sir Cain:

Prince Validus Septim III


12:42:25 May 16th 09
When mommy and daddy loves eachother very much...twice...

jajajaja xD Sep

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