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How do I get Nazguls
00:23:58 Sep 13th 08 - Ms. Pong:

I got to the troop page but I can only train, Ghosts: Archers: Riders: Spellweavers: Archmages. How do I train Nazguls?? I heard they're the best in the game.

00:33:18 Sep 13th 08 - Mr. Kilroy Moistbottom:

Troop types are based on race.  Nazguls are an orc-race exclusive.  :)

00:39:31 Sep 13th 08 - Lord Charley Deallus:

....*opens mouth to reply* ....  O_O *tips over and starts choking on air*

00:46:00 Sep 13th 08 - Ms. Pong:

So how do I become Orc? I never chose to be Human....

00:47:44 Sep 13th 08 - Lord Charley Deallus:

*Crawls to his knees* are an elf! *Falls over again* Hu-human have swordsmen, archers *cough* knights...and catapults....*coughs and passes out*

00:50:20 Sep 13th 08 - Ms. Pong:

Lol even I know archmages are human, I'm not that stupid, the guy in the picture is so obviously human.

00:53:07 Sep 13th 08 - Mr. Josef Fritzl:


01:37:14 Sep 13th 08 - Mr. Magetherydon:

Get up of the floor Charley, even i noticed that, and i didnt start choking...

01:43:41 Sep 13th 08 - Mr. Sokine:

i think human are more tanner then elf

01:44:30 Sep 13th 08 - Mr. Killstone:

go there Ms. Pong there are the lsit of the races and which troops are in each race with the prices and OP/DP (offense points and defense points). there are also many more things on that page

there are player written guides and questions asked there

there is a lsit of player made guides.

enjoy the recently discovered knowledge on the game. :)

and btw to everyone else in the thread, good job giving her soemthing useful... just sarcasm and bashing and a bit of *beep*ming but hey thats what everyone in VU does so *shrugs*

hope that helped Ms Pong!

01:45:15 Sep 13th 08 - Mr. Ghost:

*walks in. notices the first post and sixth post, jaws drops and walks out in shock*

04:23:08 Sep 13th 08 - Lord Charley Deallus:

*Pulls self out of topic*

08:39:05 Sep 13th 08 - Lady Jasmina:

When you registered you had to choose the race...

By the way, Nazguls best unit? Thats just point of view :)
Many dont consider it the best, many consider Archmage to be the best

But you have to have a very high magic level
Then you will have very powerful cheap unit :)
Archmages rule :)

08:42:12 Sep 13th 08 - Duke Slade:

Ms. Pong


9/13/2008 2:50:20 AM

Lol even I know archmages are human, I'm not that stupid, the guy in the picture is so obviously human.



Archmages are elfs not humans

O_o how dare you say that :P

08:55:42 Sep 13th 08 - The Farchitect:

I don't believe that many consider Archmages to be the best.  If they did, we would have a ton of Elf's, but as it stands, I'd bet roughly 50% of all players are Orc.  I do believe Elf may be the least played race.  I know if I thought they had the best units I'd be an elf rather than an Orc.

09:02:04 Sep 13th 08 - Mr. Ant:

archmages proberly are once mag 10 is got, nazzies need thousands of MUs or they would be burnt, archmages have mag def them selves so less MUs needed

09:10:24 Sep 13th 08 - Mr. Elendur:

Be an orc next era ;-).
Elfs can't make nazgul :-)

09:14:40 Sep 13th 08 - Sir Ice Ice Baby Ice:

10:25:44 Sep 13th 08 - Ms. Pong:

Thanks Killstone :)

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