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How Did This Happen
19:33:50 Jul 11th 13 - Dark Spawn (Sir Dark Spawn):

So this era on Zetamania something happened that confused me and I am still wondering how did this happen. So now that era is almost done I would like to ask Death Dealers or anyone who might have an idea how this happened to please explain, as I would like to improve in the game and learn all the tricks that people use here. 

It is the world of Zetamania, so great walls exist and its the breach of great walls that confuses me, this is the situation:

Our armies were in great wall of Hmmmm and our enemies were in the next great wall blocker as the arrows point out. But then suddenly one of their 500k armies that was on the other side appeared on our side of the vertical great wall, like its posted in the picture. 

We also noticed few scouts also appeared on our side, our great wall was never CWed so they could not walk down there. So I posted that arrow in the bottom of the great wall, is it actually possible to walk through that gap there, I checked and was not able to pass, can anyone confirm that?

In the world its only Forsaken (my kingdom) Death Dealers (our enemies) and Battlestar Galactica (allies to both kingdoms), so no magic is possible, as Battlestar can not cast on their allies and even if they are asked by DD they cant cast if it may hurt our kingdom, their other allies, right? So that is out of the question. 

So here is the picture, please if anyone has any explanations please share. 

20:17:38 Jul 11th 13 - shyers (Mr. Shyers The Creep):

teleport spell? also just because someone isnt suppose to do things when NAPed doesnt mean they dont.

20:28:56 Jul 11th 13 - Electric (Electric Galactic Avenger):

when you put two great walls on top of each other like you guys did sometimes it creates holes. so in a way your great wall maze is what screwed you over :P

20:28:56 Jul 11th 13 - Ms. Selendis:

wall jumped maybe. if they had scouts on other side you can use the to wall jump/merge across 

20:40:08 Jul 11th 13 - Mr. Icouldnotthinkofanewname:

Wall jumped, I think. How we got a scout over there in the first place I don't know. Not that it mattered anyway. The army that got across just sat there untill it was killed. :P

20:41:01 Jul 11th 13 - Dark Spawn (Sir Dark Spawn):

So it is possible to merge armies over the great wall if you have scouts on the other side? I am thinking that should be reported as a bug.

Also, I read the forums a lot, and so far I have not noticed anyone mention that creating a series of mazes causes possible hole in the wall. I saw that in previous eras the mazes are quite common and this never happened before. So I highly doubt there is a hole in the wall.

The only way is that the army merged into the scout on the other side, and the scout must have been teleported. Only way I can think of is that DD mage has left the kingdom to be able to cast on his kd mates, and since that is not the case I can not explain this. 

21:05:03 Jul 11th 13 - Mr. Icouldnotthinkofanewname:

Idk, you'd have to ask the guys that did it to know the answer. lol

23:27:43 Jul 11th 13 - Irule (Mr. Fubar):

we ownaged a scout on the other side then merged jumped the wall

05:18:42 Jul 12th 13 - Dakarta (Duke Kraven):

Yeah.. I ownaged one of the elf scouts across the wall. Moved over to the wall and they merged over.

06:40:51 Jul 12th 13 - Zephyr (Marquess Esmeralda):

I dont think its a bug, its been there like, forever, in fact, in way older eras when halfling scouts were invisible you'd knew what a real pain it was :P

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