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How do I quit
15:06:52 Nov 27th 14 - Mr. Abomination III:

I lost all my cities on Zetamania, and now I have 1 scout left (1 Farmer)
I have 8k gold left and no food, no stone and 780 tree left.

New colony costs 50k to settle, so thats not an option.
I can not attack anyone cause 1 farmer can't even attack.
I can not sell anything on market because I have no resources.

But still I am on the map. I tried prep on some guys city
But he just lets me prep there for days and does not kill me...
So all I can do is... wait till era ends?

Can someone help?

15:09:36 Nov 27th 14 - Legend (I am Single):

Go to character -> Resign/Restart -> fill in your password and name and you will die/quit from the world.

18:04:09 Nov 27th 14 - Alrisaia (Lady Alrisaia):

hehe I've done that before but can't remember what my real name is lol.

21:49:27 Nov 27th 14 - shyers (Grandmaster Shyzmatic):

I'm sorry, idk what the meaning of that word is

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