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Merging armies
19:30:38 Nov 27th 08 - Mr. Mystery:

Question about merging army's

I'm a dwarf, have an army without experience, and inside the army there are 100 lvl 1's. I also have a military science of 8

My friend, a dwarf, army without experience, 100 lvl 1's, but with a military science of 5

Now he merges his army in my army, will all 200 lvl 1's in my merged army have military science of 8 or will it be 5?

22:26:08 Nov 27th 08 - Mr. Lewatha Lover:

Leader's  Mil Sci Counts  for everything ^_^

21:35:26 Nov 28th 08 - Dark Lord Osiris:

leaders mil sci doesnt count for everything.

thats magic sci (Excluding AM)

23:49:04 Nov 28th 08 - Mr. Mystery:

do u know what happens then?

07:02:48 Nov 30th 08 - Duke Random:

the mil sci counts for each army individually, BUT the merge leaders mil sci is used to calculate losses for all armies.

13:36:35 Dec 3rd 08 - Mr. Mystery:


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