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18:23:25 Dec 16th 11 - Mr. Dildictator:

I can't seem to keep my production at a good level consistently. I keep housing under 100% and I have plenty of work, but my production drops and painfully slowly ascends.

It seems cities around me started at the same time are growing so much faster while I have to wait for my production to creep back up. Is there any way to keep a consistent production above 80%? 

18:28:25 Dec 16th 11 - Mr. Vampire Hunter:

Try building lots of homes first... that way peasants will fill them and there will be enough of them for alot of building later on... We all are kinda greedy and do not want to waste time building only homes and want to get to resource buildings, but in the long run its better to build alot of homes first and then start with resource buildings when time comes.

18:33:18 Dec 16th 11 - Tyr (Mr. Tyrminator):

Good answer :)

18:05:50 Dec 18th 11 - Mr. Nayoke The Kid:

i build homes to production buildings on a 1:1 ratio until i max out homes which keeps production up for a little while while building the city in question 

01:20:07 Dec 19th 11 - Mr. Dildictator:

I started build a lot more homes and in one day and over the next night my production shot through the roof. Thanks

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