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Restarting in protection
07:34:19 May 30th 12 - Mr. Dakkaman:

So I just restarted my character with the intent of playing on Talents, and was fairly sure that I had moved the drop-down menu to the correct world, and ended up in Zetamania, too late in the era to really be that competitive. Now it won't let me restart to move to Talents until I'm out of protection, at which point I will laready be behind in that world.

Why can't you restart in protection?

19:34:01 May 30th 12 - Xerxes (Mr. Xerxes Zombified):

You can, technically of course. Just wreak every building in your city. If you have scouts make sure to put every single troop that you have into the city or else you won't die.

00:13:51 May 31st 12 - Sir Dark Magician Who Cantusemagic:

In the past I used to sometimes restart during protection. It still works as long as you haven't settled any city. The moment you do, the only possible way to restart during protection is to destroy all of your buildings.

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