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attacking siege
14:49:55 Jul 30th 11 - Ms. Flame:

What does it really do

i know it will block armies from moving in and out but thats about it.

Will it stop production, Will it stop recruitment, Will it stop building buildings what does it do precisely?

15:04:33 Jul 30th 11 - Ms. Elisa Day:

It takes away the food income, means peasants die (and everything else in city, in armies you're fine. You can train, build and everything else.

18:54:34 Jul 30th 11 - Ms. Flame:

so if he does not put his troops in a army those die and they still get income from mining and go on?

00:56:04 Jul 31st 11 - Princess Bloodrayne:

No, no, if soldiers are in army they will not die, if they are in city they die.
So it means peasant will starve to death due to no food. And when they starve mines will produce no gold cause there are no peasants...
So siege cuts all production after they all die.

01:02:04 Jul 31st 11 - Ms. Flame:

k got it.

08:49:35 Jul 31st 11 - Mr. Tyrin Something:

It also causes the city's morale to fall. This means any dp given from gts, pez, or troops in the city (not on top in an army) will deteriorate.

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