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new map
21:17:02 May 14th 12 - phoenix (Mr. Phoenix Dwarfed):

shouldnt mant be a new map?

21:18:16 May 14th 12 - Mr. Battlemage:

It's supposibly random.

23:26:08 May 14th 12 - phoenix (Mr. Phoenix Flames):


02:40:49 May 15th 12 - Zond (Lord Pachyglossal Proreption):

And it being random means there is still a chance it could pick the same map.. dur dur

07:17:26 May 15th 12 - phoenix (Mr. Phoenix Mercenary):

why thank you zond,  but you would figure with the first world implementing this it would NOT be the same map again. only reason i placed a char on this world was to see what one of the new maps was.

10:01:00 May 15th 12 - Lord Chade:

i dont think there will be a new map...just the two existing ones changing :)

but i have been wrong before :P

10:02:20 May 15th 12 - ZeTa (VU Admin):

Hopefully this will work better when Nirvana restarts.

20:17:34 May 15th 12 - Dragon (Mr. Black Dragon):

Working on a completely new map to present for everyone to see. will be done very soon.

20:26:14 May 15th 12 - Stirlin (Dark Prince Stirlin):

Hope atlast!

21:34:54 May 15th 12 - Mr. Battlemage:

There's a bunch of maps you can vote on. Karta 3 looks the best.

23:00:41 May 15th 12 - Dragon (Mr. Black Dragon):

There is a new one that I just posted. to look at as well

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