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question about teleport
03:03:28 Sep 13th 10 - Mr. Arkelaios:

Uhh, why does teleport not work on an army with 22k troops?  The message screen told me it was too large to teleport.  Well should it not say this before I cast the spell, kind of unfair considering I lost 25k mages to death alone doing this.

13:32:54 Sep 14th 10 - Mr. Pure III:

Teleport is a useless spell last time I checked so don't even worry about it lol, I'm pretty sure it tends to say we can't find any room for this army etc etc

14:13:43 Sep 14th 10 - Mr. Barny:

Teleport moves the target to a random X and Y coordinate. About 1/2 of the map is covered by closed terrain (Mountains, forests, water, ect), and thus armies cannot be teleported onto these locations. Cities cannot be teleported onto other cities or closed terrain, so you will probably never successfully teleport a city. You can teleport armies, although it will take a few successful casts to do so.

14:52:16 Sep 14th 10 - Mr. Pure III:

And you may end up even further away from where you wish to be or into complete and utter danger

13:25:40 Oct 13th 10 - Junior Guildmaster Dragon:

you may also teleport an enemy army into your core.... It is a dangerous spell to cast at best.

15:44:13 Oct 13th 10 - Ms. Arielle Kebbel:

3rd only to Ownage and AOTD tho for the lulz's unless you prefer to hear QQ, then plague is tops

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