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Fantasia Era 61
09:20:50 Mar 9th 19 - Mr. Bling Feckers:

During the break, Josh gave Osi's bumhole herpes.

Venom went for gender reassignment surgery and was told his penis wasnt large enough to be classified as a penis.
Bogdan discovered his transexuality, and Aloy and Kobus had a commitment ceremony which included tonguing each others nostrils.
You all up to date now.

09:54:33 Mar 9th 19 - Lala (Mr. Drug Addict):

Bling, please tell us more about how you've been training dinky armies on Mantrax.

16:55:38 Mar 9th 19 - The Oppressed:

I consider this a hostile action ... how dare you bring mant into the fant thread.

06:47:32 Mar 10th 19 - The Real Josh (Peasant Sladen):

Chade you ghey boi, Is KoH hiding? Hell did you even drop in Val?

20:22:35 Mar 10th 19 - Prince Chade:

thats not the Val thread mate :)

02:12:08 Mar 11th 19 - Lala (Mr. Drug Addict):

Yo bling, tell everyone how u fed on a KD of 3 people who literally just landed on Mantrax. 

So uncool.

End of era, don't tell me that u played fair to win. Cuz nah

02:20:30 Mar 11th 19 - Mr. Bling Feckers:

I dipped them in ketchup too

06:56:09 Mar 11th 19 - The Oppressed:

Thats a load of crap lol.  Just landed maybe you, both the others have been there some time. The guy I rolled over was equal to my size for build.

 I gave the order to clear you guys out, nothing personal just part of the mission this age.  Why else would he walk past you guys three times .... then turn back around ?

07:52:57 Mar 11th 19 - Mr. Bling Feckers:

You ruining my brutal nature Oppressed.

07:54:11 Mar 11th 19 - Mr. Bane:

I remember the time i caused global warming... what a fuss that was.

The Oppressed:

Why else would he walk past you guys three times .... then turn back around ?

No f*cks given. I wasn't active enough in Mant & i wasn't planning for a internal war. You think you can fold FW by doing this, than go ahead.

Its good to see how peeps motivated these ages, specifically in vu. 

15:50:54 Mar 11th 19 - Mr. Bling Feckers:

See mad have resorted to feeding on untagged players. Not surprising

17:23:53 Mar 11th 19 - Mr. Ologg:

Untagged player here! Spawned late this era and landed between MAD and Feckers. Overslept OOP and didnt pick up mil science/kill a prep scout. Died immediately OOP.

Unfortunately I respawned right where I died as well.

The MAD player that killed me, Blueradiance, sent me a friendly 'Howdy Neighbor' type of message before OOP that I didnt respond to so I feel like MAD did their 'due diligence' in terms of being accommodating towards a late spawning untagged player.

I respawned in the same place, thus I will inevitably lose OOP again to either MAD or Feckers. I'll raze before coming OOP this time around though.

Cheers and best of luck to both kingdoms!

17:37:29 Mar 11th 19 - Sir Aloysius XCII:

Join us then, if you want. You are welcome. 

By the way, donít mind Bling regarding his post. He used to stir a topic to make this forum alive. :)

17:41:33 Mar 11th 19 - Mr. Bling Feckers:

Aloy likes to sexually abuse little boys like you. Ask Uwer.

06:15:33 Mar 15th 19 - Lala (Mr. Drug Addict):

and bling likes to loose to me.

I'm coming back soon. <3

00:20:11 Mar 16th 19 - Kuro no Maou:

Already three instances of some form of petty/blantant backstabbing this era.

If you got no intentions of committing to an era, don't fucking try and convince me that we have a chance in the first place.


01:04:33 Mar 16th 19 - Stewie Griffin (Mr. Stewie):

02:42:36 Mar 16th 19 - Kuro no Maou:

Person A claims emergency and claims he won't be on for a few weeks.

Person A has a main forum name

Person A has been responding on the Valhalla thread...


Person B leaves the KD

Instead of Joining the KD that is an enemy of our enemy...

Person B straight up joins the enemy.


Person C leaves the KD

Approximately around the same time, the KD banner disappeared.

The third one is iffy, but I'll suspect it anyways 87

03:07:44 Mar 16th 19 - Lord Jellybean (Mr. Jellybean Angel):

Not up to date with this eras politics.. not dropping till next era. 

Have fun.

03:12:27 Mar 16th 19 - Stewie Griffin (Mr. Stewie Griffindor):

Albatross has always been a shit show lol...not surprised at all. 

Kuro no Maou:

Person A claims emergency and claims he won't be on for a few weeks.

Person A has a main forum name

Person A has been responding on the Valhalla thread...

Mate, i assume you referred me as person A. 

I just writing it short: I'm in emergency RL problems, i deleted all characters except Val but not left any kd. Before leaving, i notified that i won't be able to play & I'll be semi-active only in Val. Reason is: my val character was set up welly, so i don't have to do much except training & moving armies, which takes less activity. But playing an early era takes lot of activities.

I only post in Val if my army/ city is on HoH, its just to warm up forum. Doesn't means, my RL issues solved.

Kd banner disappeared caz I pmed ZeTa that i wanted to change kd banner, but he was offline for long time. I guess, ZeTa removed it after he logged back. 

21:41:15 Mar 16th 19 - Schepp (Doctor Schepp):

Canít you just go inactive on Val too :P

But in all seriousness I hope everything is alright - and that youíre able to come back soon. No need to justify your actions when RL comes knocking.

04:46:18 Mar 17th 19 - Mr. Uwer:

It seems Bling got his ars3 beaten, lol

07:02:31 Mar 17th 19 - Mr. Bling Feckers:

did i? pretty sure i slapped kobus around, and bumped off a couple other mad twats.

07:54:07 Mar 17th 19 - Kobuskan (Sir Kobuskan):

That was just oop spam

10:26:56 Mar 17th 19 - Bran (Mr. Brantelope):

didnt buy enough BTs i guess?

02:44:40 Mar 19th 19 - Mr. Bling Feckers:

Mad and Feckers fought a hundred battles each so far, and then Alba has probably 20, and then Abydos comes in with.

Battles won: 5
Battles lost: 3

Its our Feckers strat, As we landed next to no one of merit we decided to farm.

Only 19 more days until we are in full feckers form and coming to steam roll.

07:32:03 Mar 19th 19 - Pirate Lewatha:

Almost more wins than feckers

09:39:39 Mar 19th 19 - Sir Bungholio:

This time Feckers lost since we were outnumbered and to poorly organized. But we will be back!

10:28:42 Mar 19th 19 - Osiris (Dark Lord Elon Musk):

11:34:01 Feb 24th 19 - Mr. Fecker:  "Any Alba member looking to participate in the total annihilation of Abydos next era, they are the oop targets. Feel free to send applications. Mad is a pointless kingdom whose players couldnt fight their way out of a paperbag, so only 2 players will focus on them"  

10:32:24 Mar 19th 19 - Mr. Bling Feckers:

They are useless. I had no internet for 2 days right at era start. Not good when ur oop fighter. But hey ho, no doubt Abydos is farming for two or three more weeks, so really pointless era.

Mr. Bling Feckers:

They are useless. I had no internet for 2 days right at era start. Not good when ur oop fighter. But hey ho, no doubt Abydos is farming for two or three more weeks, so really pointless era.

Welcome to the lives of Mad, Alba and Aby, Era's 54-58, Sucks to be on the receving end huh, It would soooo much easier if everyone just got dropped together.

11:45:47 Mar 19th 19 - Bran (Mr. Brantelope):

look  at the hoh for armies and cities and at least half of the entries are abydos. this in spite of being half the size of feckers

13:19:51 Mar 19th 19 - Mr. Bling Feckers:

are you stupid Bran?

13:54:34 Mar 19th 19 - Venomz (High Warlord Venator):

Mr. Bling Feckers:

are you stupid Bran?

Rhetorical question 

15:23:10 Mar 19th 19 - Phat (Mr. Slaughter of Laughter):

but the answer is "yes, very stupid"

22:46:32 Mar 19th 19 - Duke Chade The Unknown:

14:19:51 Mar 19th 19 - Mr. Bling Feckers:

are you stupid Bran?


Ask him a simpler question ... this one will go into recursion in Bran's brain, will time out and will throw an exception

22:52:41 Mar 19th 19 - Mr. Bling Feckers:


23:52:53 Mar 19th 19 - Sir Bungholio:

Bran: Feckers pretty much got whiped oop by the combined forces of MAD/Alba who outnumber us (if you take in to account the fact that 1/3 of our rooster isn't even playing)

00:02:41 Mar 20th 19 - The Real Josh (Mr. Genos):



Feckers losing OOP: Ooh fuck off cunts, 3v1 and half our cunts are even here.. dogs.. FECKERS4LYFF!!!

GJ Feckers, You guys truly are the standard for stupidity.

00:06:12 Mar 20th 19 - Stewie Griffin (Mr. Stewie):

LOLOL!! That gave me a solid chuckle 

00:06:53 Mar 20th 19 - Sir Aloysius XCII:

What are you saying?

Is it my imagination that Iím the only one with an army moving around in MAD after protection? Is that really outnumbered? The war got too long, you were unable to kick me out of your core.

Stop saying lame reasons, you failed to capitalize in your OOP war, thatís it.

Itís just too hard to imagine that a low-threat-OOP kingdom, got you in check.

Obviously because its 3v1, You napped aby like a cunt and half of feckers is inactive

This loss doesnt count obviously.


00:14:22 Mar 20th 19 - Mr. Bling Feckers:

And here I am still, with one finger in the air saying fuck y'all.

04:12:00 Mar 20th 19 - One Punch Man:

But Domination went afk, Archer went over to Fecker, Jelly left, Caedus hasn't even started building, and Water Bender fled somewhere else.

As far as alba is involved, its just me lmao.

And people wonder why I like the solo life.

Domination: Its really hard 2 read other world posts 4 me.

But, this Lose is completely on Feckers. Alba had barely 2 actives when i left. Congrats & Salute to those who did this. Apologies from me, i couldn't play.


18:01:22 Mar 20th 19 - Mr. Bling Feckers:

Still plenty of fight left gummybrain

18:41:52 Mar 20th 19 - Phat (Mr. Slaughter of Laughter):

meanwhile over with aby

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