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World Wars Era Of Mzz Mzzery
16:11:22 Dec 28th 09 - Ice Prince Shazsaro:

You know same old topic same old owner

bring it on!

IMG Kingdom Name Members Leader %P
Kingdoms in Mantrax
Fate 35 Sir Feanor 389
Lightning Hearts 13 Mr. Edd 104
Brotherhood of the Wolf 14 Wolflord Karac 100
Hybrid Theory 3 Mr. Kaizen 67
Lietuvos Didzioji Kunigaikstyste 6 Mr. Vytautas Didysis 61
Fight Club 21 Sir Loin 42
Heavenly Persuasion 5 Sir Erythnul The Wanderer 0
Electric Monkeys 5 Mr. Douche Larouche 0
Royal order of Claidmore 6 Sir Mcmax The Knight 0
Kingdoms in Fantasia
Kingdoms in Zetamania
Planet Hollywood 21 Mr. Bruce Willis 456
Hot Inactive Veterans 33 Sir Binh The Elven War 320
The Federation 8 Lord Uther Pendragon 99
Gladiators 15 Mr. Gladiatorul 66
Brethren Forever 18 King Dragon of Wrath 47
Bear Machines 5 Mr. Bear Banger 10
Hemorrhagic Pneumonia 1 Mr. Hexister 0
No Pulse 10 Mr. Lille Skutt 0
Kingdoms in Starta
Domination 29 Pirate Candybeard 274
Kingdom Berserk 22 Mr. Arch Shade 177
Dendarii Mercenary Corps 2 Mr. Camel Rider 0
Nibiru 2 Prince Sprout 0
Luny Park 4 Mr. Naughtypants 0
Boo 4 Mr. Spook 0
ATM 2 Mr. Inactive Era 0
Death Emissary 2 Mr. Sett 0
Aurora 9 Mr. Integration 0
Fallen Warlords 1 Mr. Ballsax 0
Lakers 2 Mr. Koby Bryant 0
Dark Light 3 Mr. Samual 0
The Noobs 1 Mr. Kal 0
The Imperial Kingdom 2 Mr. Nash V 0
Crimson Knights 2 Mr. Dandy Lion 0
the hezi alliance 2 Mr. Henderson 0
Dark 5 Duke Ryan The Laughing Storm 0
Death List 5 Sir Uroril 0
StormKnights of Old 2 Mr. Rudvike of Mandor 0
Kingdoms in Nirvana
Revelation 30 Mr. Roxbury 323
Guild of the Fallen 18 Toaster Struddle 114
Randum Teh Pokemon 4 Duke Random 57
Insane Asylum 2 Mr. Landry 36
raging demons 1 Mr. Hanchock 0
Shadows 2 Lady Alethia Dathlamir 0
TriForce 1 Mr. Zaxou The Wise 0
Bane 2 Mr. Bulwark 0
Five Stars 1 Mr. Weakling 0
Two Jelly Beans 3 Mr. Yellow Bean 0
Kingdom Of Artemis 2 Mr. Tak 0
Merchants Of Death 2 Mr. Shadowz 0
PUTU 2 Mr. Tungus 0
Paladins of the Order of the Frozen Flame 4 Grand Paladin Jonny Bacardus The First 0
Death Everlasting 2 Necromancer Meh 0
Fallen Angels 4 Prince Bartimaeus XIV 0
Immortals 2 Mr. Abysmalchasm 0
hunger strike force 2 Mr. Bloodshed 0
Seloc World 1 Mr. Seloc 0
Dragon Empire 2 Ms. Jade White 0
Show No Mercy 2 Mr. Mighty Alanon 0
The A Team 1 Mr. Ants 0
JUICY 4 Commander Aligreat 0
Grid 2 Mr. Gijoe 0
Kingdoms in Valhalla
Stupid TeRRoriST 7 Mr. Osama Bin Laden 167
Mad Against Drugs 19 Mr. Aloysius 142
The Ravage Regime 10 Sir Black Heart 120
Music 24 Lord Gilth 104
Black Flag 3 Mr. Hamish 22
Relentless 1 Mr. Destroyer 19
Sol Invictus 6 Duke Polydeuces 0
Phi Factor 12 Mr. Mavich 0
Kingdoms in Armageddon
Kingdoms in Talents
Kingdoms in Midgard
Kingdoms in Latha
Kingdoms in Fensteria

16:16:24 Dec 28th 09 - Ms. Black Mamba:


16:16:45 Dec 28th 09 - Mr. Fordius:

Imma back to eat people alive :)

I have such an awesome deal with Mzzery :)
she better keep her end of the bargain :)

Im gonna end up being such a happy man :D

16:16:55 Dec 28th 09 - Ice Prince Shazsaro:


16:18:31 Dec 28th 09 - Ice Prince Shazsaro:

what a sexy banner of mine

17:26:37 Dec 28th 09 - Lord Lewathas Buddy:



Who will win? :o that is the major Q!

21:19:44 Dec 28th 09 - Ice Prince Shazsaro:

I declare WAR on BoW!

21:50:41 Dec 28th 09 - Lord Uther Pendragon:

I declare war on Arthur Dents face!

21:51:22 Dec 28th 09 - Lady Rev the Hedgehog:

Arthur Dents face has lost alot of wars already by the looks of it.
Go easy on him Uther.

21:54:07 Dec 28th 09 - Lord Uther Pendragon:


dang that was harsh Rev!
<3 (gotta give you props though)

I might bump it down and declare war on his nose or something

21:55:01 Dec 28th 09 - Lady Rev the Hedgehog:

I only just got unbanned.
I had alot of flame tension build up.

22:03:18 Dec 28th 09 - Lord Uther Pendragon:

i never knew this (i guess i dont pay much attention)

i didnt even know that you could get banned for flame tension.

22:06:11 Dec 28th 09 - Lord Woody Loves Lew Lew:

lol, he got banned for flaming, but his lack of flaming has built up flame tension :P

22:09:14 Dec 28th 09 - Lord Uther Pendragon:

oooo alright i gotcha
; )

well if you have flame tension building up then talk to Duke Windscar (I believe thats what his name was)

Hes pretty flaming in my opinion! (hes an RL friend if i am thinking of the right person)

22:09:36 Dec 28th 09 - Dark Prince Stirlin:

rev can flame? LOL

22:12:46 Dec 28th 09 - Mr. Barny:

IMG Kingdom Name Members Leader %P
Kingdoms in Valhalla
Music26Lord Gilth100
Mad Against Drugs18Mr. Aloysius30
Relentless2Mr. Destroyer17
The Ravage Regime10Sir Warheart12
Stupid TeRRoriST7Mr. Osama Bin Laden11
Sol Invictus7Duke Polydeuces9
Black Flag3Mr. Hamish8
Phi Factor11Mr. Mavich4
Kingdoms in Fantasia
Kingdoms in Mantrax
Fate35Sir Feanor84
Lietuvos Didzioji Kunigaikstyste6Mr. Vytautas Didysis33
Brotherhood of the Wolf15Wolflord Karac19
Lightning Hearts13Mr. Edd19
Hybrid Theory3Mr. Kaizen18
Fight Club21Sir Loin18
Royal order of Claidmore6Sir Mcmax The Knight13
Heavenly Persuasion4Sir Erythnul The Wanderer0
Kingdoms in Zetamania
Hot Inactive Veterans33Sir Binh The Elven War74
Planet Hollywood23Mr. Bruce Willis64
The Federation9Lord Uther Pendragon27
Brethren Forever18King Dragon of Wrath27
Gladiators14Mr. Gladiatorul13
Bear Machines 5Mr. Bear Banger1
No Pulse8Mr. Lille Skutt0
Hemorrhagic Pneumonia1Mr. Hexister0
Kingdoms in Starta
Domination29Pirate Candybeard63
Kingdom Berserk22Mr. Arch Shade42
Crimson Knights2Mr. Dandy Lion7
The Imperial Kingdom2Mr. Nash V6
the hezi alliance2Mr. Henderson3
Electric Monkeys3Mr. Douchetoyou2
Dark5Duke Ryan The Laughing Storm0
Death List5Sir Uroril0
StormKnights of Old2Mr. Rudvike of Mandor0
Dendarii Mercenary Corps2Mr. Camel Rider0
Nibiru2Prince Sprout0
Luny Park4Mr. Naughtypants0
Boo3Mr. Spook0
ATM 2Mr. Inactive Era0
Death Emissary2Mr. Sett0
Aurora9Mr. Integration0
Fallen Warlords1Mr. Ballsax0
Lakers2Mr. Koby Bryant0
Dark Light3Mr. Samual0
The Noobs1Mr. Kal0
Kingdoms in Nirvana
Revelation30Mr. Roxbury82
Guild of the Fallen19Toaster Struddle33
Randum Teh Pokemon5Duke Random9
Leper Knights2Sir Lazuras of Acre7
Fallen Angels4Prince Bartimaeus XIV4
Insane Asylum2Mr. Landry3
Dragon Empire3Ms. Jade White3
The A Team1Mr. Ants0
JUICY4Commander Aligreat0
Grid2Mr. Gijoe0
raging demons1Mr. Hanchock0
Shadows2Lady Alethia Dathlamir0
TriForce1Mr. Zaxou The Wise0
Bane2Mr. Bulwark0
Five Stars1Mr. Weakling0
Two Jelly Beans3Mr. Yellow Bean0
Kingdom Of Artemis2Mr. Tak0
Merchants Of Death2Mr. Shadowz0
PUTU2Mr. Tungus0
Paladins of the Order of the Frozen Flame4Grand Paladin Jonny Bacardus The First0
Death Everlasting2Necromancer Meh0
Immortals2Mr. Abysmalchasm0
hunger strike force1Mr. Bloodshed0
Seloc World1Mr. Seloc0
Show No Mercy2Mr. Mighty Alanon0

22:45:38 Dec 28th 09 - Mr. Jasper Het Eendje:

that deserved an update. Music's gonna rock the world :)

23:09:02 Dec 28th 09 - Mr. Arthur Dent:

Lord Uther Pendragon


12:50:41 Dec 28th 09
I declare war on Arthur Dents face!
Lady Rev the Hedgehog


12:51:22 Dec 28th 09
Arthur Dents face has lost alot of wars already by the looks of it.
Go easy on him Uther.

Omg you hurt my feelings!  ^ He's kind-of right though...

I still love you guys <3

05:07:58 Dec 29th 09 - Lord Uther Pendragon:

Arthur i love you too <3

Thats why i have decided to just declare war on your nose.


best of luck to BoW

10:24:59 Dec 29th 09 - Mr. Kaze:

Good luck to ya Music!

08:36:31 Jan 1st 10 - Ice Prince Shazsaro:

Lietuvos Didzioji Kunigaikstyste 10 Mr. Vytautas Didysis 132


Lightning Hearts 9 Mr. Edd 45


Congratz LDK for fcking up LH nice gguys you did great. =-D

09:11:13 Jan 1st 10 - Mr. Arthur Dent:

LH had no chance with having so many elves.  But I give congrats to Didysis and Muzzy for doing so well.

09:12:13 Jan 1st 10 - Ice Prince Shazsaro:

yeah those dudes rock!

15:23:20 Jan 1st 10 - Princess Aisha:

Top Kingdoms

Fate34Sir Feanor The Lazy128

Domination29Pirate Candybeard102

Hot Inactive Veterans32Sir Binh The Elven War100

Music27Lord Gilth97

Revelation31Mr. Fordius77

15:24:29 Jan 1st 10 - Sir Lazuras of Acre:

o come on , once i get to the flipping top 10 , it changes to top 5 :@:@

*walks off muttering about a conspiracy*

15:25:28 Jan 1st 10 - Princess Aisha:

You can always make the list yourself with top 20 if you like :)

15:28:58 Jan 1st 10 - Sir Lazuras of Acre:

umm coff , i like top 5 :D

damn , she realized i hate havin to ACTUALLY do something myself :'(

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