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22:05:26 Jan 7th 09 - Mr. Machiste:

Sems to me ya shouldn't poke the hornet's nest if ya don't wanna get stung. Yeah, the civilian casualties suck, but that is what happens when cowards hide among the populace instead of engaging in an open battlefield. They COUNT on the world *beep*ing about Israelis  accidentally killing civillians. Seems to me if the Palestinians didn't wanna get killed they'd do something about the Hamas in their midst once and for all.

22:13:57 Jan 7th 09 - Mr. Ben the Fat halfer:

Arabs are the problem!

we are not the problem israel is =P

00:09:48 Jan 8th 09 - Mr. Sorra:

You know ginger, when anything comes in "anonymously" from the region you have to take it with a grain of salt. This is for both sides. That region has spun so much lies, claiming things that weren't true, saying they received false information anonymously when they make a mistake. It's classic Mid-east.

Just look at the propaganda history from both sides and what they have "claimed" which has later been discovered false. And it's not liek the associated press had any way to tell if this was legit or not. They simly ook there word on it most likely for the attention that company is going to get around it once they publize this and that could never hurt profits.

So, when Israel says they anything "anonymously" you have to take it with a grain of salt because again, the region is know for lies not to mention that Israel is in a war right now and propaganda is one of the main tools used in a war.

Also, yes it is illegal to attack the UN or any UN building.

To Pimp: I never said Israel was an illegal state. However, there current borders arent the borders there supposed to have. There official "legal" borders are there 1967 borders before the invasion. Thats the whole reason there's conflict in the region. The Palestinians want the Israelis to withdraw to within there borders.

To Ginger again, The UN says there sure that any military activity was not taking place in or on UN property. Also, Israel bombed the school not once but twice. Mabe the terrorists were like super fast and were able to out run the first one?

Also Blood, I'll give you one thing. Gaza is one of the most densely populated places on earth. However, how does that justify Israel using CLUSTER BOMBS in those areas? Im sure you know what cluster bombs are/what there used for and that there never "surgical" or accurate.

P.S: And to Pestard who said that "Arabs are the problem" Other then the fact that your an obvious racist and any credibility you once had on this issue is now gone because you somehow think your race is superior to all other races because your race is "chosen" and god loves your race better then everyone elses.

 It's sad that people like you and the Israeli government have shown us that nothing, absolutely nothing, was learned from the Nazis by who they affected most, other then there barbaric isolation and torture techniques.

Oh in a short time, how the oppressed become have become the oppressors.

00:22:13 Jan 8th 09 - Mr. Gingerbread Man:

" To Pimp: I never said Israel was an illegal state. However, there current borders arent the borders there supposed to have. There official "legal" borders are there 1967 borders before the invasion. Thats the whole reason there's conflict in the region. The Palestinians want the Israelis to withdraw to within there borders."

Hehe, yuh, b/c u know there was no conflict in the region before 1967 or anything xD  Those "legal" borders were only like the...3rd set of borders :)

I do agree with you tho, I'd be surprised if Israel was not popping in a few lies to help out there image...I'm merely pointing out that they COULD have been aiming for a legit target and simply missed by arguably a few feet.  So to say it was not a valid target they were going after seems a bit presumptuous, neither one of us has all of the facts.  Now, if you wanted to argue that it was excessive force they used if it was a valid target...that's a different ball game.  I honestly wish here and in other spots in the world (see: Darfur, Congo, etc), that the UN had a bit more muscle and could say "No one with weapons are to be within 500 feet of our neutral school"...that way they could clearly provide a safe shelter while making sure they were not used by either side in the conflict.  But alas, the forces of the UN in most of the scenarios are simply overwhelmed and do not have the mandate to provide the security they should be able to.

00:26:29 Jan 8th 09 - Mr. Blood Frenzy:

ye i admit pestards comment was alittle out of line...but anyways, the thing is the militants in palestine are to blame for the civilian casualties. They fire rockets from places FULL of people, and Israel retaliates by firing back into that area. In doing so, Israel kills tons and the world gets angry at Israel. But although it is Israel who deserves half the blame, its also the Palestinion militants to blame. They provoked Israel, and then had the nerve to actually sacrifice their own civilians by firing out of those areas. And i wouldnt put it past the Palestine goverment to be doing it on purpose as their own form of propaganda out to the rest of the world. But the fact is, the blame is 50/50, and it rly annoys me to see people supporting either side wen theyre both to blame here, and maybe palestine even more than israel, because when israel causes the casualties its not their OWN civilians. Palestine actually puts their own civilians into the line of fire! Wat the hell are the hamas doing in goverment??!?!

00:30:09 Jan 8th 09 - Mr. Gingerbread Man:

Well...okay, if by Palestinian Gov't u mean Abbas and gang, I think they actually have done a pretty decent job trying to reign in the radicals, unfortunately they no longer have control in Gaza...

But overall I agree with you, I think there are no angels in this argument; both have to take some of the blame for their actions...

04:46:50 Jan 8th 09 - Sir Caradoc:

Dark Lord Finwe


12/31/2008 12:33:45 PM
caradoc i think it might be you who doenst know history. a book is no cause to invade a country. if you looked up the real facts you would know how the current state of isreal was created and whats its borders are supposed to be.


Israel was created for a safe haven for the Jews after WWII. the UN aggred on giving the land to them... sounds like tough sh!!!t to remember isnt it?


what Bible do I read? what do you mean what Bible? there is only one true Bible as far as I am concerned. KJV. Its the direct translation of how the Bible was actully written. this is of course without added words like the NKJV that adds word or improvements lines of the Bible for "easier understanding". im preaty damn sure i know what im talking about. it all seems to me like you are all bias against Israel for attacking the Palestines. oh boo hoo Gaza is getting ass rapped. who started this, this time? hmm. think its ok to fire rockets against the Jews and for them just to say hahahaha what a good joke. no your an *beep* 

05:08:25 Jan 8th 09 - Sir Hirgon Sadron:

Caradoc, the Balfour Declaration, which is the document that facilitated the "establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people" was written in 1917, before the end of the First World War and long before the establishment of the United Nations.  The movement of Zionist Jews to Palestine was facilitated by Britain, and began before the Second World War.  No offense, but it really does look like you don't know what you are talking about.

Please, enlighten me upon why the Israelis and the Palestinians are fighting, if you really know.  I have read your Bible, and do not see how conflict between the ancient Hebrews and the other ancient tribal peoples in the region relates to the current conflict between largely European (Israeli) settlers and Palestinian Arabs today...

05:24:19 Jan 8th 09 - Mr. Gingerbread Man:

Well...if you want to be technical, Israel was not created until 1948 =)

05:29:08 Jan 8th 09 - Duke Michael Deallus:

For someone who reads the Bible, you sure don't sound very...nice by swearing and attacking others.  I thought we are all supposed to live in peace and harmony?

05:30:25 Jan 8th 09 - Mr. Gingerbread Man:

"I thought we are all supposed to live in peace and harmony?"

Oh the ironies as we play a war game... xD

05:48:20 Jan 8th 09 - Duke Michael Deallus:

Whoops, forgot my smilies :p :p :p I was also basically talking about the whole Israel/Palestine/Gaza problems and unrest, not VU XD

10:41:02 Jan 8th 09 - Mr. Heripy:


Look at the bottom left and bottom center, that is what it should look like, vs what Isreal conquered. But don't foget Israel's war with egpyt(ended circa 1967), and all the other arab nations, which was started by those Arab nations, who from a certain perspective had a right to do so with Israel's initial agression against the people they were supposed to share thier nation with. Maybe there is a third party to blame as well, possibly the United States government needs to stop funding Israel's wars; Israel is one of the top recepients of Foreign Aid from teh United states.( If it wasn't for that foreign AID, Israel wouldn't have the rockets to fire...

20:04:52 Jan 8th 09 - Mr. Linetwist:

oh, innocent Isreal 'accidentally' attacked a UN-convoy ...

... erm ...  stupid me, i forget they are allowed to do whatever they like ...

21:57:26 Jan 8th 09 - Mr. Blood Frenzy:

lol dude they dnt purposely attack these places, but basically wen a rocket is fired into israel, israel traces it back to where it was fired from and shoots back in the same direction. Obviously it doesnt mean israels in the right, because they really should check where theyre counter-attacking lol.

04:42:09 Jan 9th 09 - Mr. Gingerbread Man:

hehe, well, we're spread among a couple of maps, I forgot to join before I spawned so ended up on Valhalla lol (yes I know I'm a nub, stop laughing!)

and I didn't say it would be pretty, but we'll squeeze them in somehow =D

09:47:20 Jan 9th 09 - Mr. Mars:

18:56:03 Jan 10th 09 - Mr. Ruby Knight:

Compare Israel's size to everyone around them. And then remember that just about every country near them hates their guts. If I was Israel, I'd be fighting a whole lot dirtier than they are. Its the only way for them to survive. If your house got blown up by a mortar being fired from a hospital, would you not shoot back anyway?

18:21:57 Jan 11th 09 - Mr. Linetwist:

you stick me with a needle, i'll stab you with a sword ...

19:07:39 Jan 11th 09 - Sir Pesterd:

true.. the arabs are shooting missles from THEIR OWN CIVILIAN areas!! and bc of war rules Israel is not allowed to attack back because of the innocent civilians, so they shoot on purpose from their hospitals and thats why they suffer

02:13:36 Jan 13th 09 - Mr. Sorra:

Just look at the statistics.

in the last 7 years 14 Israelis have died as a result of hamas rockets being fired into Israel territory

In the last 14 days, over 900 Palestinians have been killed with over 3000 wounded. Not to mention there basically starving of all essentials and living under constant bombardment.

I think the statistics speak for itself.

You don't squish someones baby because they cut in front of you inline.

And, contrary to popular belief here (in this thread, atleast thats how it  appears), it was Israel who broke the ceasefire that was agreed to with hams and left a relative 1 month(??) of peace. They began conducting air strikes on where they believed top hamas officals and hamas tunnles were. They ended up being wrong and angering hamas along with killing a bunch of civilians. No *beep* they would fire rockets back.

Then they siged gaza of everything for 18 months and conduct constent air strikes

Obviusoly hamas would fire rockets back...any self respecting government or group would fight back

Then they complained about the rockets and began creating a concentartion camp in gaza

23:11:37 Jan 22nd 09 - Duke Ragnarr:

I'm in an embassy here in Israel, Tel Aviv btw...
Gotta say the school I am finishing  (Church of Scotland, Tabeetha School ( In Jaffa), International) most of my best friends there are arabs. Yet even so there is no black/white division in any conflict, and although I have always simpathized the palestinians more, I can't say I entirely take sides here.

Btw, you can't understand the conflict if you haven't spent time here. I have friends from both sides and I understand both of them. That's why I can't take a side here.

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