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Fantasia Era 42
06:06:14 Sep 10th 09 - Mr. Some Fcked Dude:

i have a feeling me and you are going to get allong nice :P

17:01:09 Sep 10th 09 - Lord Polydeuces:

lol is that you thut?

19:18:52 Sep 10th 09 - Mr. The Beast:

im from belle and the beast.

19:28:04 Sep 10th 09 - Sir Gingerbread Man:

mmm, he was a pretty pacifist too, it was those bloody townspeople with pitchforks that were all nutty :o

*see what living in Orlando gets you??  Too much info on Disney movies >.>

20:00:26 Sep 10th 09 - Mr. The Beast:

i want to live there.. :D

20:30:15 Sep 10th 09 - Mr. Some Fcked Dude:

@poly.... yh mann! =D

21:05:17 Sep 10th 09 - Mr. Name Nicker:



I'm terribly sorry Mr. Name Nicker. But we have lost the battle.

We killed a total of 113 enemy troops.


21:11:09 Sep 10th 09 - Sir Gingerbread Man:

Hehe, better luck next time :P

21:11:48 Sep 10th 09 - Duke Random:


21:36:50 Sep 10th 09 - Mr. The Beast:

damn youz i only get luck with hot females..

22:53:14 Sep 10th 09 - Sir Penguin The Nub Basher:

woooo fun starts :) 3vs1 :) Fate Sin and Gotf all naped wussys :)

23:09:36 Sep 10th 09 - Mr. Ezatious:

nap fests again? pffft

23:10:20 Sep 10th 09 - Sir Penguin The Nub Basher:

yeah :) waiting till worlds open and they get gangbanged by others :)

23:13:38 Sep 10th 09 - Chancellor Scrooge Mcduck:

I love how people mouth of before they have a clue, it's a nice wake up laugh in the morning :)

23:25:46 Sep 10th 09 - Duke Death Proof:

Im totally gonna win...and I am not even in a KD..nah biches

23:32:54 Sep 10th 09 - Mr. Name Nicker:

Join us m8 :D

00:14:54 Sep 11th 09 - Mr. Vuggy:

I love how they flame as soon as they see teh problim. :) Who cares? It's part of teh game. Get over it.

00:15:17 Sep 11th 09 - Mr. Vuggy:

And besides, Fate hasn't NAP'ed GotF OR SiN. So quit your whining.

01:05:53 Sep 11th 09 - Mr. Crissxcross:

so they just maped them right away ^^

01:23:53 Sep 11th 09 - Mr. Shadow:

no were just all attacking BBMMB first. they attacked us so were attacking right back.

01:28:39 Sep 11th 09 - Sir Gingerbread Man:

well, tbf, u ARE NAPed to Fate and CFed with SiN so u dun really have a choice Shadow :P

Dragon attacked first...albeit, Pengy did kinda taunt him when he asked us for a CF too lol

02:53:59 Sep 11th 09 - Mr. Kaze:

He didn't taunt. He literally said "Prepare for war". ;)

02:57:07 Sep 11th 09 - Sir Gingerbread Man:

well, if ur gonna quote him, he said "Prepare to die" :P

03:58:03 Sep 11th 09 - Mr. Vuggy:

Actually there's a NAP between GotF and SiN. That's the only relation SiN has with anyone.

06:32:12 Sep 11th 09 - Sir Penguin The Nub Basher:

if you gonna quote me " Prepare for Death"

gawaine your a tard

11:31:43 Sep 11th 09 - Mr. Kobuskan:

Everybody kiling us is a lot of fun, never had more action then now.

Better then hiding in a big kingdom like many of those arrogant vets do.


12:09:49 Sep 11th 09 - Mr. Pingvinai Daug:

Im coming little ones.

12:11:35 Sep 11th 09 - Sir Himanil VIII:

Honestly you BBMMB guys I gotta say that your sayings about having action and fun is understandable but it really doesn't go down well without even having a proper economy, blockers in place, lack of planning, no strategic level troop movements and absolutely zero diplomatic effort and co-ordination. Get these things in order and you just might have the fun you're looking for.

13:45:27 Sep 11th 09 - Sir Penguin The Nub Basher:

which part of no relations himanil you dont understand?
we talk out in skype everything. and its only first era as a group for us. proper economy? i was owning everyone before oop started as best farmer, we started warring and we arent wussy enough to nap fate and then come to other kd to ask for another nap cause your afraid of war. thats the thing. we will go down but we will know that we fought and had fun. not napped like wussys ;) congrats

13:52:59 Sep 11th 09 - Sir Himanil VIII:

*Scratches his head*
"You love embarrassing yourself as a green don't you."
"As your first era no one's gonna look upon you guys as memorable warriors because you didn't have the sense enough to think better of your members and help them get a proper economy, a peaceful start so that you could comfortably fight all era long. If it is fighters that you want to go down as then why not try and go down fighting all through the era or mid era when you can go with a bang rather than wasting away yourself when no one notices and cares."

14:07:36 Sep 11th 09 - Sir Gingerbread Man:

Yuh, we have no friends and no one has noticed we didn't join a napfest and had a good OOP war...

Sorry, we're not gonna nap and then try to invade like you did from arma and get pwned :)  Tis the way it is...fck peace :D

You may think no one has noticed, but lol, GOTF is being bumped up a few kds hit list when the doors open ;)

14:56:58 Sep 11th 09 - Junior Guildmaster Shmeh:

Like who Gingi??? I cant wait :)

Also whats that about Arma? Whats arma got to do with anything?

15:15:48 Sep 11th 09 - Sir Gingerbread Man:

Check all the worlds around you, I think you'll be able to guess pretty quick which ones will be coming to Fant :)

I'm just saying Himanii saying the route we/Pengy took is "wrong" is a bit'll chose the nap/farm/fight later route again (like the era u attacked RVL)...we chose a different route (fighting everyone with no NAPs/CFs).  We chose two different routes, to say we chose the wrong one seems...arrogant :)  (also...can you please get Dragon to stop sending our members nap everyone and attack us with everyone and then msg members making fun of them also goes up on the douche list :P) Neither one of us will be on Fant at the end in any significant amount, we knew it going how is either one of us going to be remembered more than the other?

15:23:51 Sep 11th 09 - Lord Stewie Griffin:

lol if anything BBMMB will atleast be remembered for not joining the NAP FESTS...

15:29:13 Sep 11th 09 - Mr. Pingvinai Daug:

i'll save the day! *gives out cookies*

15:32:14 Sep 11th 09 - Junior Guildmaster Shmeh:

I dont know which ones are coming to Fant they havent told me yet :| can you tell me?

15:54:31 Sep 11th 09 - Sir Gingerbread Man:

Yes, I can.

16:45:09 Sep 11th 09 - Sir Himanil VIII:

"No offence taken Gingerbread, your kingdom has taken a certain path and we respect that. We respect your spirit to fight."
"BTW, who talked about a NAP fest? ATM we have but 2 NAP's.

17:04:41 Sep 11th 09 - Sir Gingerbread Man:

I'm not one of the ones that actually cares how many NAPs you have, simply 2 different styles of play, we choose one, you'll chose the other....

But, I'll point out "we have but 2 NAP's." when there are only 3 other kds total on ur world, sounds kinda funny >.>

17:13:10 Sep 11th 09 - Mr. The Beast:

everybody wants a piece of fantasia.. it would be stupid not to prepare against the other worlds since the so called vet players and KD's all started in the lower worlds.
I respect BBMW for the reason they started in fantasia..

17:17:07 Sep 11th 09 - Sir Gingerbread Man:

I didn't say it was dumb :P  I simply said it sounded funny saying essentially we have "only" 2 :)

I agree with your assessment that if you want a chance of staying on Fant you have to NAP and pray, I just don't think BBMMB gives a cr@p about staying on Fant >.>

19:20:20 Sep 11th 09 - Sir Penguin The Nub Basher:

we will come back later in the era :) ich promise you ;) my gullable friend

20:30:24 Sep 11th 09 - Duke Death Proof:

My name is Chucky...wanna play?

20:34:04 Sep 11th 09 - Mr. Some Fcked Dude:

*does the saw voice*
wanna play a game of tag >=D

21:09:46 Sep 11th 09 - Mr. Kaze:

Is it freeze tag?

21:12:05 Sep 11th 09 - Mr. Some Fcked Dude:

no its a game where i have a knife and you try and run away ;)
and if i kill you *does the saw voice again* I WIN >:D

22:35:11 Sep 11th 09 - Mr. Vuggy:

gawaine your a tard

Ooo I made him angry cuz he revealed mah old name that I ALREADY SAID in Skype. xD

23:31:40 Sep 11th 09 - Sir Penguin The Nub Basher:

AND IM NOT IN THAT CHAT... i read historys you tard.

00:21:08 Sep 12th 09 - Mr. Vuggy:

Lol. Anger management doesn't cost too much you know... sometimes it's even free! :O

01:12:02 Sep 12th 09 - Mr. Kaze:

Yeah, you just have to get some attention from the cops first. I wouldn't know, I just "heard".

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